From My Desk To Yours #21

Dear St. Paul Families and Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!  Here we go … beginning 2019.  It’s hard to believe but we are half way through the school year.  I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun-filled break and is ready to come back to school.  January will be a very busy month with Catholic Schools Week at the end.

On January 14th the School Board and Finance Committee will be meeting together to review next years budget and set tuition rates for the 2019-20 school year.  Registration will begin on Sunday, January 24th the first day of Catholic Schools Week.  I will have more to come about this soon so be on the lookout.

Also, on January 14th I will be going to Rigali Center to present our School Improvement Plan to the Archdiocesan Visiting Team.  We are two weeks away, so my schedule will be extremely busy as we finish this report.  Pray that all goes well on this presentation.  The visiting team will make their visit to St. Paul in April.  We are excited as a staff to see the results of our hard work.

A few years back I became interested in the writing of Mr. Jon Gordon after hearing him speak at the Vianney Speakers Series.  He wrote “The Energy Bus” which many of you read along with me in a book study.  His thrust is creating a Positive School Climate and School Culture and I have been following him ever since.  This week he sent an inspiring message that I would like to share with you.  I will also put a printable version on the bottom of the bulletin in case anyone would like to have a copy.  I hope you enjoy his words.


  1. STAY POSITIVE:  You can listen to the critics and the doubters and believe that success is impossible, or you can trust that with faith and an optimistic attitude all things are possible.
  • TAKE A DAILY THANK YOU WALK:  You can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time. Feel blessed and you won’t be stressed.
  • EAT HEALTHIER FOODS:  Foods that grow on trees and plants and less foods manufactured in plants.
  • TALK TO YOURSELF:  Instead of listening to your complaints, fears and doubts, talk to yourself with words of truth and encouragement.
  • NO ENERGY VAMPIRES ALLOWED:  Post a sign that says, “No Energy Vampires Allowed” Ghandi said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet.”
  • BE A POSITIVE TEAM MEMBER:  Being positive doesn’t just make you better, it makes everyone around you better.
  • DON’T CHASE SUCCESS:  Decide to make a difference and success will find you.
  • GET MORE SLEEP:  You can’t replace sleep with a double latte.
  • DON’T WASTE YOUR ENERGY:  Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control.
  1. LOVE, SERVE, AND CARE:  You don’t have to be great to serve but you have to serve to be great.  Look for opportunities to Love, Serve, and Care.
  1. REMEMBER YOUR WHY:  Live your purpose.  Remember why you do what you do.  We don’t get burned out because of what we do.  We get burned out because we forgot why we do it.
  1. LOVE THE PROCESS:  Remember there’s no such thing as an overnight success.  Love the process and you’ll love what the process produces.
  1. HAVE TRUST:  Trust that everything happens for a reason and expect good things to come out of challenging experiences.
  1. NO COMPLAINING RULE:  Implement the No Complaining Rule.  If you’re complaining you’re not leading.
  1. READ MORE:  Read more books than you did in 2018. 
  1. DON’T SEEK HAPPINESS:  Instead live with love, passion and purpose and happiness will find you.
  1. FOCUS ON THE “GET TO”:  Focus on “Get to” instead of “Have To”.  Each day focus on what you get to do, not what you have to do.  Life is a gift not an obligation.
  1. GET BACK UP:  The next time you “fail” remember that it’s not meant to define you.  It’s meant to refine you.
  1. SMILE AND LAUGH MORE:  They are natural anti-depressants.
  • ENJOY THE RIDE:  You only have one ride through life so make the absolute most of it!

Once again, on behalf of the staff and myself, I would like to wish you a Happy 2019!  The best of St. Paul is yet to come!!!  See you all on Wednesday.

With blessings from my heart,


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