Dear St. Paul Families and Friends:

Friday was an amazing day at St. Paul … celebrating with our grandparents. Believe it or not we had well over capacity attending our event. Church was packed with excited students and grandparents celebrating our faith together. What better way to start your day!!! I hope your special guest enjoyed themselves as much as our students did. Our staff commented that it gets “better and better each year!”

Student Leadership Council Speeches were given on Thursday morning and elections will be held this Monday afternoon. Each candidate running did an awesome job with telling us why they should be chosen as a student council officer. Our audience was attentive and is now well-informed to cast their votes. Every candidate running is deserving of the positions and I must say it is going to be a difficult task voting for our officers. I am so proud of our 7th and 8th grade students for stepping up and taking the risk of running in an election of this kind. Good luck to each of them. Results will be given on Tuesday afternoon, September 18th. I will meet with the candidates first and give them the results before we announce them to our school.

ITBS testing begins this week. We will be testing in the mornings from 8 – 11 each day. For those parents who are new to this process, ITBS testing is a standardized test of our students in grades 3-8. It is administered to all Catholic School students during the same week in September. This standardized test gives us information as to what our students have retained from their previous school year of learning. There will be sections that are easy for them to complete and some that will be more challenging. That is how the test is designed to give us information on the student’s ability to extend their learning and to apply their learning to problem solving situations.

As I mentioned last week, there isn’t any way that a child can study for this. The best preparation is a good night’s sleep, a nourishing breakfast, and lots of encouragement and positive messaging. Please present this to your child as a way to show off how much they know and have learned up to this point in school. It is so very important that you keep this week as low key as possible to help prevent “test anxiety.” We look at it as a celebration of their learning and that’s a great way to present it to your child. Middle School students have a greater tendency to be more anxious about this testing procedure so be on the look-out for that. Give them the support they need at home and we will be their cheerleaders here at school.

I have noticed this week that we have had many students forgetting lunches. If you child forgets their lunch, please have it to the office by 8:00 am. There was one day in the past weeks where we had at least 15 lunches lined up in the front office for students who forgot. I realize it is the beginning of the year and it takes a little time to establish a routine but, please have your child check to make sure they have their lunch before they leave home. We will never allow a student to go without a lunch at St. Paul. With that being said, many students are coming to the cafeteria and are trying to charge their lunches to their accounts. Our food service is not equipped for this and I know this is a big change for everyone. We do allow for a few extra lunches each day but not to the extent that this has been happening. Please remember to place your lunch orders for the week by Sunday evenings. That way we will have enough for the students who have signed up to buy for the day.

That’s it for this week … our hopes are to keep it at a very low key for testing purposes. Remember the kiddos in your prayers that they do their very best on their tests. Until next week,

With blessings from my heart,

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