Dear St. Paul Families and Friends:

Another beautiful weekend … I hope you enjoyed the day on Friday. The staff and I attended the Vianney Speaker Series and it did not disappoint. The topic was critical thinking skills and it amazed me how closely it collated with our School Vision area of concentration for this year which is: · Fostering a culture of educational distinction through critical thinking, innovative and rigorous curriculum standards and collaboration and our coaching cycles for this year. The speakers offered a variety of best practices that supports critical thinking and how to incorporate these strategies into your daily teaching. They also addressed how to do this with Primary, Intermediate and Middle School students since each of these students learn at a variety of developmental levels. There was information for all to take home and use in their classrooms. It was a day well spent in development for classroom teachers.

As part of our school safety initiative we will be giving the students emergency cards to be filled out by you and then brought back to school. These cards will then be copied so that every teacher that your child encounters throughout their day at St. Paul, has emergency information in case of any type of evacuation of our building. This will be helpful in every situation i.e. fire, tornado, earthquake, gas leak, active shooter and the like. We have safety procedures for each of these situations that the students will practice together throughout the school year. We have already participated in a walk-through fire drill and will soon be practicing it with alarms. Please return these cards to school as swiftly as possible so that we can get this information to our staff for the safety of our children.

In the same realm of safety, last week I was able to get to the front for arrival and was a bit concerned at what I saw. It seems as if we have a small break down in procedure for arrival which is causing a delay in the students arriving in the building on time. Many parents have expressed concern over the high number of parents getting out of cars at drop off which is causing much of the delay. I understand why we are having a larger number of parents escorting the children in the building. In my observations it is because of the slow traffic situation.

As a result, I am asking that parents please stay in your cars and allow the teachers and patrol guards come get your children. Please try to have your child keep their backpacks with them instead of in the trunk so that they can just pop out of the car and come into school. Please DO NOT stop at the front door for dropping off your students. Please, move down the driveway to the St. Paul statue on the left so that we can empty approximately six to seven cars at a time, instead of one or two. This will speed up the process. I will be having a sign made as a reminder to pull forward when dropping off your children and where to stop regarding the front door. I spoke with Mrs. Coyle so that we can have more patrol guards to escort the preschool children inside since we have such a high number of preschoolers this year. On the positive side, I did notice that when the older children are getting out of their cars they are immediately going next to the building to walk to the front door. That’s exactly what they need to do to be safe. I am planning on being in the front of the building this week (instead of the top lot) so that I can help direct the traffic and see if we can get this line rolling like in previous years. The top lot is working like a well-oiled machine and we can get students out of cars and into the building in a proficient manner. Thank you to the upper lot parents.

This week should be a calm week for the students since testing is over and we have a regular school week ahead of us without any special events. Occasionally, we need a few of these. The weather is supposed to heat up again so make sure that your student has their water bottles for school. Only in St. Louis do you have so many seasonal weather changes. This also is the last week for raffle ticket sales. Let’s end the sale with a bang!!!!! Until next week,

With blessings from my heart,

 Parents of St. Paul – Thank you for the outstanding attendance at our lunch with students. This was a great way for parents to connect with your children at school for a lunch together. So many times, we do not have an opportunity to do this and it was great to see such a turn-out.

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