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September 6th, 2016

Dear St. Paul Families,

Today is a very special day in our Catholic Church – The Canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. From this day forward she will be recognized as St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Did you know that Father Mike actually met Mother Teresa and delivered a cross to her convent in North County years ago? He and another priest hung it for her and prayed the rosary with her! It’s an interesting story that Monsignor shared with me in one of our many conversations. I was so taken back when he shared it. To think, our pastor performed a special service for a saint. WOW … how special is that?

This Tuesday, we will all participate in our “Kick-off VBRD Assembly”. As I was planning this for the students this weekend, it dawned on my what better way to re-introduce our virtues than through St. Teresa’s prayer … Do it Anyway! If you look carefully at each line of her prayer, you will find each one of St. Paul’s Eight Virtues … Kindness, Forgiveness, Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance, Hope, Courage, and Unity. This is what Mother Teresa modeled throughout her life. What better way to walk through life and practice our faith than to practice these virtues?

As part of our VBRD Program, we will review the virtues, practicing forgiveness for harm done to ourselves and each other, problem-solving how to learn from our mistakes, being accountable for our mistakes, and learning how to make things right with ourselves and each other. One of the main goals of the VBRD program is not only to practice the virtues but also notice them in ourselves and each other. This is what is promoted through our School-wide VBRD Bulletin board in our Parish Center hallway. Our theme this year is “Practicing Virtues = a Positive and Happy Life”. The students are being encouraged to “Jump on the Energy Bus together” by practicing the virtues in our daily lives. Just as the students earned bricks last year, we will earn Bus Tickets, inviting the students to get on the bus. (Hopefully our boards will arrive this week and we can get started on hanging our tickets! …. Thank you, PTO, for supplying our boards!)

We are also using Jon Gordon’s, The Energy Bus for Kids, to help make the connections between Virtues and Positive Energy and what a difference it can make in our lives. We have four copies of this book that are being shared by the teachers for the classrooms. The teachers and I are also participating in a book study on the adult version of this book and I plan on offering Parent Book Studies throughout the year. (I have already purchased books that I can lend to parents for reading.)

Our VBRD Committee, spear-headed by Carrie Lorenz, had taken on the parent component of our VBRD Programming. Each month, we will concentrate on a virtue and supply our parent community with a newsletter sharing with you, ways that you can reinforce virtue practice at home and in your family. We also are beginning a Family component to the program with “Family Virtue Bags” and “Reflection Journal”. Your will hear more about this at a later date. The success of this program and the positive behaviors lie in the parents, teachers and students forming a partnership that allows the children to experience mistakes and then learn from those mistakes. We must establish an understanding that when one makes a mistake, you must hold yourself accountable and make amends for your behaviors; and then learn from those mistakes so that they don’t continue to repeat themselves. Together we can reinforce these skills at home and at school.

With all of this being said, VBRD is NOT our discipline program at St. Paul School. It supports the students in the area of good choice making, accountability in those mistakes, and learning from the choices that we make. Our Discipline Program is an accountability piece that is in place for behaviors that may not change or poor choices that continue to be repeated. If those poor choices continue by the students; then the accountability price becomes higher and higher. Please read our discipline policy in our school handbook if you need this additional information.

In closing, it is my strong belief that we learn by making mistakes, identifying those mistakes, and then taking action to right them. It is the younger years where we need to take advantage of this learning so that it is internalized by those precious high school years. More than ever, in the world of today, we need to teach and model our Catholic beliefs and behaviors to our children. There are so many negative role models that they see on television, read about in the news, and are exposed to through the Internet. Together we can instill in our students how practicing virtues and kindness toward our fellow man is the path that we were placed on earth to follow. Look at the life of our newest saint, she is the role model that we can to follow.

You are all invited to participate in our Commission Mass for our VBRD Programing on Wednesday, of this week. What a great way to start your day. Until next week …

With blessings from my heart,


v St. Paul Parent Community – Thank you for attending our Annual Curriculum Night. My hopes are that this is one large step in establishing the parent/teacher/child relationship with your child’s homeroom teacher.

v St. Paul Staff – for creating an awesome informational evening for parents.

v Debbie McCaslin and the Technology Committee – St. Paul School is the recipient of a Cardinals Care Grant for Technology. With this grant we will purchase 12 addition laptops for student use. Way to go, Mrs. McCaslin! Let’s keep those creative juices flowing for our students and school! 


Monday, September 5
o No School – Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday, September 6

Tuesday, September 6th is the first drawing for the St. Paul Raffle. Stay
tuned to see who will will $200.00. It will be announced at the end of

o Welcome Back to School
o VBRD Kickoff Assembly – 8:00 a.m. – Café
o 8th grade Confirmation Meeting – 6:45 p.m. – Cafeteria
o 8th grade PRETZEL SALE order forms are due today. Get yourself a yummy treat AND support our 8th grade class.

Wednesday, September 7
o All School Mass – VBRD Commission Mass -Sponsored by grade

Thursday, September 8
o Cardinal Accessory Day for students- Wear your Cardinals accessories with your school uniforms.
o St. Paul Night with the Cardinals – 6:15p.m. – Busch Stadium – Support our children in the singing of God Bless America

Friday, September 9

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