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January 2, 2017

January 3, 2017
“The Heart of St. Paul … Growing Together in Faith, Knowledge, and Virtue”

Dear St. Paul Parents and Friends:

Happy 2017 to our school community!!! It has been a relaxing and restful Christmas break for all and now it’s time to get back to work. January is a very busy month. We have Grandparent’s Day coming up and then closing out the month with Catholic Schools Week. So, little time and so much to do! In keeping with the theme of Positivity, I found the above prayer that I felt fits our purpose beautifully, Remember, Positivity breeds positivity. A positive outlook always brings the best out in all of us.

We had 100% response from our Intent to Return Surveys. Thank you so much for getting this information to me. I have been thrilled with the results and looking forward to planning for our next school year. We have a Finance Meeting on Wednesday of this week to get the ball rolling on some of the budget decisions that need to be made for next school year.

Plans are beginning to come together for Catholic Schools Week which is right around the corner. I will have more information on that after our Friday Staff Meeting as far as special days and the like.

This weekend is the Luke 18th Retreat which is one of the main reasons we have a NOON Dismissal and Staff Meeting this Friday. It’s a short week but in a good way it helps us to ease back into the routine after the longer time out of school.

In closing, I would like to thank you for the many, many Christmas goodies and kind words that I received from our school community. Your generosity never stops amazing me. Until next week,

With blessings from my heart,


~~ Our St. Paul students for the great yellow staff shirts. They are so very soft and comfortable. What a wonderful Christmas surprise for us. Thank you.

~~Mrs. Coyle and her Eighth-Grade class for an awesome Prayer Service on December 22nd. As I said to the students, it looks like they have begun a new Christmas tradition for the school.

~~Mr. D and our K-4th grade students for a great Christmas Program. Each year these programs get better and better. This is due to all the hard work of Mr. D. and our many students.

~~Student Council – Thank you for setting up the chairs for our Christmas Program on Wednesday evening. It takes many people to get ready for a program like ours. Hat’s off to you!

~~Welcome Back, Mrs. McCarty. We missed you and are thrilled to see your smiling face at PE again.

~~Mrs. Clodius, Mrs. Sumner, and Mrs. Kidd. You were a fun Christmas surprise on announcements our last day before break. Mrs. Kidd, we especially loved your hat. Thanks for starting our day with some giggles and smiles.

~~Our Preschool Classes for a captivating Christmas Program. You all sang like a group of little angels.

Monday, January 2nd

Tuesday, January 3rd

Wednesday, January 4th
o All School Mass – 8:00 a.m. – Prepared by Mrs. Coyle’s 8th grade
Finance Committee Meeting – Parish Office – 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, January 5th

Friday, January 6th
o STAFF MEETING – 12:15PM. – 3:00PM.
o Luke 18 Retreat – 7:15 PM

Saturday, January 7th
o Luke 18 Retreat – ALL DAY

Sunday, January 8th
o Luke 18 Retreat – ALL DAY

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