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January 29th, 2018

Dear St. Paul Families and Friends:

As I sit at my computer this Saturday morning trying to decide what message is appropriate for my Catholic Schools Week Bulletin Board, the word “community” continues to pop into my mind.

When I am asked what is the one thing that is strongest at St. Paul School, I have one response … COMMUNITY. Our students and teachers are a community of learners … they collaborate in their learning. They support each other in their efforts. Our PTO is a community of parents that places the best interest of the school and our families as their number one priority. Our parents are a community of support for each other and the families of our school. Our Parish is a community of support for our children and building their faith. When the Board of Education reaches out for responses on surveys; the strongest positive response deals with our community of families. I have asked many parents both old and new the question, “What made you choose St. Paul School?” Every response dealt with the community of people present. So, what is community?

Community is all about relationships, feeling connected, having a vested interest in people. Our St. Paul Catholic Community is so much more … we have our faith which we are instilling in our children and celebrate together. Our families care about each other. We have vested relationships. I have seen this in action repeatedly.

It’s now time for our school community to expand and we need your help. We need families to reach out to friends and other families and spread the word of the changes in our school and the opportunities that our children are experiencing. We need to be the Ambassadors for our school.

Our School Board and Finance Committee recognize our need for growth. This year we are offering an “Incentive Program” for all existing school families, including Pre-School. The Incentive is very simple. Each time a current St. Paul family is named as a reference by a new family that registers/attends our school for the 2018-19 school year; the current family receives a $500 tuition reduction. There is not a limit on the number of families that you can bring into our school community.

We all know the power of word. They can shower us with joy or cover us in sadness. I am asking that we each become an Ambassador of Joy and spread the word about St Paul School. We have a wonderful school … Shout it from the roof-top!!!!. I hope to see you on Sunday. Until then,

With blessings from my heart,

HAT’S OFF TO: Positivity at its best!
 Charlie Schumer – Charlie, a third-grade student, was named a “National Poison Control Award” winner for his poster. Congratulations, Charlie. We are so very proud of your talents.
A comprehensive schedule is posted in your Friday newsletter. We have a great week planned for our students. Come celebrate with us!

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