Dear St. Paul Families and Friends:

We are off and running with our students. It didn’t take long to bounce right back into the swing of things. It always amazes me how after the first full week of school, one feels as if they have never left!! In some cases that could be a bad thing but as far as we are concerned at St. Paul … it’s great!

This coming week we are extending an invitation to parents to come join us at our Parent Curriculum Nights. This is an evening where parents have an opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and develop an understanding of what learning will occur during the school day. It is informational for you and a great time for clarification and asking questions that pertain to your child’s individual classroom. I will also be meeting with the parents to introduce our staff and give you updates on things that are new and a little different from last year.

Our first curriculum night will be held for the Primary Grades 1-3 on Wednesday, August 29th at 6:30 pm. We will all meet in the cafeteria for a short presentation from me and then you will proceed to your child’s individual classroom to meet their teacher.

Intermediate and Middle School Curriculum Night will be held on Thursday, August 30th. We have designed our second evening a little differently to accommodate parents who have children in both Intermediate and Middle School grades.

 If you have a child in the Intermediate Grades (4th or 5th) your evening will begin with a presentation from the classroom teachers. You will first meet in your child’s homeroom at 6:30 pm. and then after meeting with the teachers, you will proceed to the Café for a parent update on changes which should begin at 7:00 pm.

 If you have a child in Middle School (6th, 7th, or 8th) your evening will begin at 7:00 pm with a meeting in the Café. Here you will be introduced to the teachers and hear the parent update. After this meeting, you will proceed to the Middle School Classrooms to meet the teachers. There will be a rotating schedule for you to follow so that you will have time with each of your child’s teachers and they will discuss curriculum and answer questions for you. This will allow you time to learn about each of the subject areas that your child will be covering in a more specific manner.

Be on the lookout!!!! There will be a time schedule posted on your child’s Advisory Teachers Bulletin Board so that you know when and where you are going in the classroom rotations. We will have this posted on Monday.

Student Leadership Council Election information will be given to the Middle School Students this week. This information will give the students a description of the positions available, instructions on completing the applications for elections and a timetable of when events will take place. More information on this will be included in next week’s bulletin board.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedure Update:
For the most part arrival and dismissal has be going well. We do have a few glitches that I need for you to take note:

 When you are dropping your child off at arrival in the front of the school, please use the entrance on the far south of the church. For the safety of our children, cars CANNOT be traveling in both directions. We had a few incidents where the cars were going in the wrong direction as students were getting out of their cars. It created some close calls for teachers and students. CHILD SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY. Please enter through the south entrance only.

 I am noticing that once again some parents are parking on Forest Knoll Drive for dismissal of children. Please understand that we would prefer that you use your parking spot with the rest of the families. If you need to come a little earlier to get your child, please come to the office and pick up your child. We will be more than happy to accommodate you.

 If you are planning on not using your spot, it is your responsibility to come onto the school grounds and pick up your child to cross the street. We cannot send student running across the street on their own to get to their rides. I have witnessed cars traveling down Forest Knoll at a pretty good speed when we are leaving school. We do not supply a crossing guard for students to cross Forest Knoll Drive. AGAIN, CHILD SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY.

In closing, I have to say it is great to be back!! I hope to see you at Curriculum Night this week. It’s a night for community and learning. Until then,

With blessings from my heart,

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