Enrichment Programs

In keeping with our philosophy of educating the whole child, the following enrichment programs are a regular instructional component at all grade levels.

Library Time

Students attend library once a week where they have the opportunity to check out books to bring back to their classroom or take home. Research skills, study skills, and the joy of reading are all imparted during library time.


Students working in our computer lab have the opportunity to interact with technology in a variety of ways.  They get hands-on experience working with various Office applications through which they develop presentation and research skills.  Programming skills are introduced through Open Source and Java and students are required to use Google classroom to submit homework in various subjects.  Keyboarding skills and familiarity with technology-specific terms and concepts are also taught.  Students’ work in the computer lab is reinforced within their individual classrooms through the use of I-pads, laptops and applications such as Plickers, FrontRow, and Kahoot.

Physical Education

Students at all grade levels including Preschool participate in P.E. where they learn about leading a healthy lifestyle through proper eating habits, physical exercise, and avoiding unhealthy habits and behaviors.

Music Program

Once a week, all students participate in music class where they are exposed to a wide array of musical styles and instruments.  Every year students perform a Christmas play and Spring concert for all to enjoy!

Art Program

St. Paul’s Art Program is taught to students in grades Pre-K – 8.  The key emphasis of the program is to experience success in learning the basics of art.  Exposing children to the Masters, teaches them curiosity, how to look at their world with an inquisitive eye, and how to use their imagination.  We believe that each child comes to art class with his/her own personal skills based on their childhood exposure to art.  Our goal is to support each child in improving his/her own skill level and experience the fun and inspiration of the world of art.

Working together with classroom teachers, we strive to coordinate art projects with other units of study in the core subjects.  It is our belief that through the study of art, we can enhance each of the academic areas in a special way.